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Viktor Titov


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Japanese Zelda Commercial



I’m listening to my new music right now. Let me see what I’m listening to…

Right Now: Animals as Leaders – Inamorata

On the Playlist:

Black Milk


Hercules and Love Affair


The Antlers




I’m really enjoying Animals as Leaders its extremely awesome. Very Epic.


But The Antlers are pretty cool too. Both are totally different from each other so having them on the same playlist, along with Black Milk is pretty interesting.


Look at this great work by Allison Torneros. Her process is interesting. She begins by laying down colors and splashes/splatters. Then she draws based on what she sees in the abstract.


Very Cool.


Its Thursday. I’ve been so busy I haven’t given myself a chance to put anything up. Now here I am at work doing it. Probly still not a good idea.

Right now I’m thinking about modifying my Macbook. I have the first Generation Macbook. It still runs smooth but its seen better days. I was looking on ebay and I think I’m going to put a black keyboard and face on my white Macbook. Like this.

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Should be pretty sweet. Its only 35$ dollars. I’m just waiting for the right moment.

This week has been fairly busy, but its going to be nothing in comparison to what’s coming down the pipe. Classes start monday and I have class three days a week from 6 to 9pm. Thats while I’ll be working 40+ hours during the the weekdays also.

Oh no.

Well its going to have to be ok. I’m just gonna have to be on top of my game.


I like this list of games to play outdoors featured by Wired.

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Stayed up too late last night and decided not to go to church this morning. We woke up around 1230 and went to meet some friends for some popsicles and then went to the flea market. I brought 20$. I didn’t want to spend any more than that. Luckily there weren’t many good things at the vendors so I didn’t spend any money.

We had to take Ash home because she had to be at work. Her house is so awesome.

Then we went to Sylvan Park and Dragon Park.

Now I’m at Mom’s because she’s cooking us Dinner. My Aunt and Uncle are here as well. Its nice to see them.

So its been a pretty enjoyable day so far. There is more to come later.