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So evidently working 40+ hours a week, going to school, and moving at the same time is a pain in the ass. Be back later. -HC Advertisements

Oh Brother


I really this picture of my brother that Julia found on the web. I miss him lately. Erin -HC

New Things


Wow a lot has been going on lately. I haven’t been on here hardly at all. But never the less. Here we go. We’re moving. Yes finally. Julia and I are moving down the road to Elkins ave. It nice old, I mean old, house. Awesome molding and trim and huge windows, tall ceilings, giant […]



From Boing Boing -HC

I like this. Alot. -HC

Check this out via Japanese Zelda Commercial Amazing. -HC

I’m listening to my new music right now. Let me see what I’m listening to… Right Now: Animals as Leaders – Inamorata On the Playlist: Black Milk Hercules and Love Affair The Antlers Japandroids I’m really enjoying Animals as Leaders its extremely awesome. Very Epic. But The Antlers are pretty cool too. Both are totally […]