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With friends.


Gus came over tonight and he and Julia and I have been hanging out. We went on a walk earlier and now we are in the living room on the iPhones. I downloaded the wordpress app and now I’m blogging on it. It’s pretty nice. Advertisements

Its Thursday. I’ve been so busy I haven’t given myself a chance to put anything up. Now here I am at work doing it. Probly still not a good idea. Right now I’m thinking about modifying my Macbook. I have the first Generation Macbook. It still runs smooth but its seen better days. I was […]

So last night was fun but we had company pretty much until it was time for bed so there was no journal entry. Now here I am at the desk at work, probably shouldn’t be typing right now, but nevertheless I felt the need to get it done. Yesterday I woke up late. I was […]

Tuesday still. I’m finally sitting still. I’ve had a good day though. I can’t complain. Started today off bright and early at 730 and actually made it to work on time. Work was fine, nice and busy. It goes faster that way. After work I came straight home to change clothes to go to soccer. […]