At The Desk – Yesterecap


So last night was fun but we had company pretty much until it was time for bed so there was no journal entry. Now here I am at the desk at work, probably shouldn’t be typing right now, but nevertheless I felt the need to get it done.

Yesterday I woke up late. I was 1 hour and 30 min late to work, got there at 10:30am. Not so good. When I arrived my boss, John, had some good news for me. A raise! Awesome. I’m feeling good. The rest of the work day went smooth just stayed busy trying to finish up at Vanderbilt stadium. Left work around 5:30.

I got Taco Bell for Julia and I and then I went to church to set up my drums to play that night. Music was fine and so was our meeting. I hope things are getting better there.

After church Julia and I went and started some more laundry, took Dakota home and headed toward the grocery. Julia is trying to get me to eat better by having healthier snacks at the house. Eventually it might work.

When we got home we picked up Oliver and Sarah and went on a bike ride in the rain. So fun. Kinda scary at times because it was there was lightning but oh well. When we got back they stayed until about 12:15 and then I took them home. Finally it was time for bed, and so I did.

Sadly I didn’t get to see White Rabbits last night. I lost my ID. Bummer. But everything was still pretty fun.

Now I need to get off of here and package up my “Skinny Jeans” and send them back so I can actually get some that fit me…



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