On the Couch – Nightly Recap


Tuesday still. I’m finally sitting still. I’ve had a good day though. I can’t complain.

Started today off bright and early at 730 and actually made it to work on time. Work was fine, nice and busy. It goes faster that way. After work I came straight home to change clothes to go to soccer.

I play on tuesdays at the Vanderbilt recreation fields. Its usually pretty fun and today was no exception. The teams I played with were extremely even and competitive. It was fast paced and full of good moves and goals.I love it.

After soccer I purchased some Panera for me and the girlfriend. It was incredibly mediocre, but filling none the less. Laundry night finally. I’m about a week overdue for some laundry to be done. I took Jocelyn to Kinko’s also because she had to make 36 copies of a paper for the rest of her class to read. Kind of a waste of paper if you ask me, because none of the kids care either way.

Returned some movies to Blockbuster, also on time. Very Nice. Now I’m here, on the couch, looking at interesting things to share.




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